About the Department

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College


Instrumentation and control engineering is a specialized stream of engineering that deals with the measurement and control of process variables in industries.

  • The emerging automation world seeks Instrumentation and control engineers to work with the industries with the goal of improving productivity, optimization, stability, reliability, safety and continuity.
  • Such a department has highly qualified faculties with the specialization of Instrumentation and control Engineering. It has well equipped laboratories in the areas of Instrumentation, Process Control, Computer Control of processes, Labview based Modern Electronic Instruments, Micro processors and Microcontrollers. The department has active participation in the research and development works in the emerging fields.
  • Faculties of the department have strengthen their field by publishing many papers in International and National journals, conferences and participating summer schools, workshops, FDPs, International and National conferences.

Such a department which has relevance and importance in all walks of human life came into existence in this institution from the academic year 2002-2003.

Programme Educational Objectives

The Department of Instrumentation & control engineering seeks its student to attain the following objectives at the time of their graduation.

  • To produce talented instrumentation and control specialists who can cater to the needs of the modern industries
  • To educate and enhance student’s skill to make them highly qualified professionals for the instrumentation process industries, facilitating them to handle composite industry problems and to provide real time solutions
  • To impart high quality technical education and training on par with highly qualified competent faculty and innovative learning process to meet tremendous technical needs of the society
    • Goals

      The Primary goal of the department is to prepare the students for a successful professional career in the respective discipline. The curriculum is structured to provide each student with a sound background in Engineering science and a thorough foundation for the analysis and design of electronics, computer and digital systems.

      Short Term Goals

      • To achieve 100% result and placement
      • To conduct Symposium, Workshop, Conferences for strengthening the knowledge of students
      • To enhance the participation of students and staff members in National and International seminars and conferences
      • To modernize all laboratories and keep them up to date considering the latest requirements and developments in thrust areas
      • To encourage faculty members to get involved in research programme leading to award of Doctoral Degree
      • To make the students employable with high integrity to be placed in the reputed companies and to provide students to the nation to actively participate in Research and Consultancy services through quality education

      Long Term Goals

      • To improve research and development activities in the department
      • To strengthen Industry – Institute interaction by undertaking applied research and development oriented projects by students and faculty members
      • To endeavor the Department towards a world class Educational institution, by producing professionals with high technical knowledge and expertise in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

      Vision & Mission


      Envisioning a world class technical education by synergizing quality education and training in instrumentation engineering with an emphasis on the application of theory into practice by providing high quality man power, through innovative teaching and learning practices.


      To create a diverse, progressive educational environment and systematic approach in integrating the use of technology into its academic instructional programs so that the students and faculty can fully expose themselves to the new technology as an essential tool in the continuous teaching and learning processes.

      Courses Offered

      Sl. No. Course



      1 B.Tech Instrumentation and control Engineering 4 years 60