About the Department

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides a rigorous and Interdisciplinary training for the enrichment of the student’s knowledge. It also aims in preparing specialists with a multidisciplinary education who will find carriers in software industries. The scope of computer science lies in the areas like Database Design and Maintenance, Web Services, Smart Environment, Cloud Computing, Big-Data, VANET, etc. The department progressively attracts the youngsters of India and hence it works for providing an exciting academic program to prepare students for greatest challenges of 21st century.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To produce high quality engineers to meet the industry and academic needs
  • In the emerging world of Computer Science and Information Technology, to provide good working environments for the faculties and non-teaching faculties for the betterment of nation and societies.
  • To produce an opportunity to explore and experiment innovative ideologies
  • To make a stimulating place to learn, practice technology and to achieve the most preferred status globally


The Primary goal of the department is to prepare the students for a successful professional career in the respective discipline. the curriculum is structured to provide each student with a sound background in engineering science and a through foundation for the analysis and design of electronics, computer and digital systems.

Short Term Goals

  • To strengthen the infrastructure and human resources of the department
  • To conduct continuing education programs, workshops and conferences for knowledge sharing with outside world
  • To improve academic performance of students using innovative and creative methods of teaching
  • To conduct programmes for students to acquire soft and hard skills and inculcate leadership qualities, research orientation and technical skills
  • To conduct faculty development programmes regularly for skill up gradation

Long Term Goals

  • To encourage students in the research activities of the department
  • To establish a centre-of-excellence for research in computer science and engineering
  • To establish and strengthen Industry – Institute Interaction and be an Industry solution provider
  • To take up sponsored projects from private and government organizations
  • To be one among the top training institutes in Puducherry and Tamilnadu and to be recognized as the best department in terms of research and innovation
  • To create better entrepreneurs in the area of computer science and engineering

Vision & Mission


To become a centre of excellence in computer education and research, to create a platform for industrial consultancy.


To produce globally competent, quality computer professionals and to inculcate the spirit of moral values for the cause of development of our nation.